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Swimming – Breathing

In my previous epistle I said we would look at some of the actual causes which can contribute to the symptom of sinking and crossing legs, so without further procrastination let’s get started.

However before we do let me make a couple of points. 

I am in no way saying that these are the sole reasons in…

Swimming: Confusing Cause and Effect

Our expert coach, Neil MacPherson,  will be taking a look at common issues that face many Triathletes. What makes these issues difficult for athletes to address is that often there is confusion between the symptom and cause.



Running with Power

It is with great excitement that we can finally announce that Dinamic-Coaching is one of the official distribution partners of Stryd- Running with Power, the running power-meter that is going to change the…

New Dinamic-Coaching Kit

Hi Everyone

We are ordering kit for the season so place your orders by 30 November 2016 to get on the next delivery. 

Prices below are in South Africa Rand (ZAR) and include VAT. 

Cycle tops R658.35

Tri Suits 2-piece R1316.70

Tri Suits 1 piece R1379.40 (male sizes only)

NEW: Running vest R344.85 (made from highly breathable Polycheck…

October Newsletter

Hello Dinamic Athletes

The season in SA has only just begun and we are already seeing some great results which is very exciting and shows the hard work in winter has…

Technical Sessions

Very exciting news is that Dinamic-Coaching is launching bi-weekly technical sessions! They are open to all athletes, although priority will be given to member of Dinamic Multisport, and will be…

Race Day Packing

For some unknown reason triathletes, usually of sound mind, become forgetful dimwits when

it comes to race day. In order to make sure you don’t end up running around hunting for

things go through the check list and…

Kona, the race of two rivals- Diana MacPherson

Kona is a bug which gets into your system; you don’t even have to have been in personal contact with Triathlon to become infected with the Kona syndrome.  I still recall watching an Ironman Kona video at a…

Sports Rehabilitation at Dinamic-Coaching

In line with our continued commitment to providing our clients a first class service, Dinamic Coaching has brought on board Gregory Hunt. He is a fully qualified Sports Rehabilitation Specialist graduating with a…

London Days 2-4- Neil MacPherson

The Glamerous life of a coach

Travel the world, see exotic places, mix with the stars of the sports world.  If only!

This week has gone in a blurr of race briefings, classification appointments, anti doping lectures, team meetings, swim sessions, protest hearings appeal hearings, race…

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