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13 Years later and it is still such a vivid memory, what an experience!

It’s taken all of 13 years for another professional South African female to qualify to race on the big island, 2019 will have not one but two SA Ladies lining up. Wishing Both Annah Watkinson and Jeanni Seymour the best of Luck…

Swimming – Breathing

In my previous epistle I said we would look at some of the actual causes which can contribute to the symptom of sinking and crossing legs, so without further procrastination let’s get started.

However before we do let me make a couple of points. 

I am in no way saying that these are the sole reasons in…

Swimming: Confusing Cause and Effect

Our expert coach, Neil MacPherson,  will be taking a look at common issues that face many Triathletes. What makes these issues difficult for athletes to address is that often there is confusion between the symptom and cause.



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