Bike Setup

Dinamic Coaching has more than 12 years of experience in helping athletes get a  better more efficient and Dinamic fit on their bike.  We have worked with novices to insure that they are safe and with world championship elite cyclists who have to get the last ounce of speed out of themselves and their bikes.

Step one of a Dinamic Bike fit is a process that considers you the rider as much as it does the bike.  A Dinamic Bike fit will start with a discussion with the cyclist about their training history, their goals, a review of any  historical injuries and also any current issues or injuries.

Step Two in the Dinamic Bike fit is a functional analysis of the rider.  We look at flexibility, range of motion, core strength, and consider any imbalances that will influence the bike set up.

Step Three in the Dinamic Bike Fit is to take measurements of the existing bike fit so that we can be sure of what we do change.
Once these steps are taken we begin the process of evaluating how the athlete rides on the current set up.

We do this in multiple ways:-

  1. By eye, there is an advantage in having experience on your side it allows you to see a holistic picture and not risk getting swamped by data.
  2. We use video to measure movement and angles on  eight different physiological points on the body while pedalling
  3. By using up to 5 independent state of the art motion sensors we can quantify 10 different motion performance indicators which covers everything from smoothness and dead spots to torso position and movement and foot and leg angle range.

We consider this data and in conjunction with the information we obtained about you we then make adjustments to your bike before re testing and checking for improvements.  This is continued until we feel you are in an optimum state, truly a Dinamic Bike Fit.

The Process can take between 90min – 2hrs.

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