Swim Analysis

Dinamic Coaching’s endless pool with five video cameras gives you the visual feedback you need from up to nine different positions. 

Combined with state of the art video analysis software, you can make more progress in one session than you might have made working on your own for an entire year!

In addition to video, Dinamic is also able to offer assessments based on force/power. With the use of Smart Paddles we are able to measure not just the production of force but also the direction of that force independently for both left and right hands. This gives us actual metrics which help identify the exact points in the stroke which are needing attention. No guessing or working on non specific stuff we can drill down to what will really give you the greatest improvement.

The pace at which you can learn in an endless pool has to be experienced to be believed.

Programs can be developed to work on, and improve, the  aspects of your stroke which were highlighted during the video session.

We also offer one to one swim lessons to athletes of all ages and abilities.

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