Trainesense SmartPaddles Kit


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Why use SmartPaddle?
Swimming performance can be described as converting swimmer’s physical capabilities into swimming speed by swimmer’s efficiency (=skills).
Following the improvement of the swimming skills has been difficult and therefore only very simple statistics has been available

Race analysis metrics (SPM, DPS, etc.) do not separate swimming skills from swimmers physical capabilities.
With SmartPaddle you can monitor the progress of swimming skills separately with measurable numerical values
SmartPaddle shows how you create your swimming speed and how to improve it

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Instant visibility to swimmer’s performance
SmartPaddle summary view is available in seconds after the swim. It clearly displays the performance gaps. Average force profile is a one view summary on the performance. Fixing the force gaps in the average stroke will have the biggest impact on the overall performance.

Visibility to all of the strokes enables removing the worst strokes, e.g., impact of breathing, and optimising the execution of the whole distance (race simulations, training sets)

Effortless daily measurement
Smartpaddle is a wearable mobile device. Get comparable results.
no preparatory actions needed
record any set of any practice
any pool, lane or even open water

This kit includes:
– 1 pair of SmartPaddles
– 1 charging dock
– Access to the mobile App
– Access to the service (single coach account)
– 1 month license for a single swimmer*
– 5 day licenses (can be freely allocated to any swimmer)

* Please note retailers and personal trainers will receive 30 day passes not a 1 month license.

A pair of SmartPaddle can be used with single or unlimited number of swimmers. To get started you simply create the accounts for the swimmer(s), allocate the licenses and start collecting data to the accounts. Swimmers have access to their own accounts and can invite anyone to review their data.

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