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Newsletter- 13 November


Hello Dinamic Athletes

I hope you are all keeping well and remembering the sunblock (to those in the SH) and the brollies (to those in the NH)!

Exciting news is that…

October Newsletter

Hello Dinamic Athletes

The season in SA has only just begun and we are already seeing some great results which is very exciting and shows the hard work in…

Spring Newsletter


Happy Spring Dinamic athletes

Hope you have all had a good winter and found time to relax, recover and prepare for the season ahead! Sorry for the delay in getting…

Newsletter 20 May

Hello Dinamic athletes

I hope the week is treating you well! Apologies for teh newsletter not going out on Friday but it seems there was a gremlin in the system. This…

Newsletter 2 May


Hello Dinamic athletes

What a week it has been…with all the public holidays I am sure the tourists in SA think we never actually work! I hope you all managed…

Newsletter 11 April

Hello Dinamic athletes!

Hope all of you that took part in IM SA this past weekend (and those that supported!!) have started to recover! What a day it was!

We had epic…

Newsletter- 20 March

Hello Dinamic athletesHope the week has been a good one! The week and weekend ahead are certainly busy for a lot of our athletes and we wish them all the…

Newsletter- 7 February

Hello Dinamic athletes

Exciting things happening in the Northern Hemisphere with the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The opening ceremony is tonight at 8pm (SA time) and it should…

Newsletter- 31 January

Hello Dinamic athletes

Wow, can’t believe it is Friday already! What a week it has been! The newsletter is also packed this week…the SA season is definitely well underway!!

First off, we…

Newsletter- 16 January

Hello Dinamic athletes

I hope the week has been a good one!  We have been spoiled with amazing weather in SA so here’s hoping that the last minute prep for 70.3…

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