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criag-alexander-4It is with great excitement that we can finally announce that Dinamic-Coaching is one of the official distribution partners of Stryd- Running with Power, the running power-meter that is going to change the world of running! 

Here’s how it works. The power meter measures more than twelve metrics quantifying athletic performance, technique, muscle strength and condition, as well as external running environment, and encapsulates these metrics into a single number, power.

Power is the key to monitoring training intensity (exertion) and efficiency. Power has given the cyclists who use it a tremendous competitive advantage for years. Now Stryd-Running with Power brings this revolutionary technology to running.

Using power, you can see how efficiently you recycle energy from stride to stride instead of wasting it through poor form. You can pinpoint the biggest opportunities for improving performance. Then training plans prepared by world-class coaches and physiologists guide you through personalised drills and exercises to strengthen your body so you can maintain good form, and Running with Power shows you which specific form changes make you more efficient so you can go faster with the same effort.

Going deeper, leg spring stiffness is a measure of efficiency. If you model your legs and body with springs and masses, the mechanical stiffness of the springs determines whether your form and conditioning are wasteful or efficient. You can increase leg spring stiffness with conscious form changes and by conditioning your muscles and tendons to supports good form. Leg spring stiffness has never been available from a wearable during running before. Now it is one of the many metrics Stryd uses as a foundation for power.

Leading coaches and athletes who have used Stryd say it is revolutionizing running.

“The power meter has the potential to revolutionize running. It knows how efficient you are, how hard you train, and how well you pace yourself in a race.” ― Craig Alexander, Three-Time Ironman World Champion

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About Stryd-Running with Power: Running with Power was founded by Princeton-trained engineers and builds on years of academic research on ultra-low-power circuit design, wearable sensing, and machine learning. The team is headed by Li Shang, Ph.D. and former Chief Architect at Intel Embedded Systems Research Lab, and Robert Dick, Ph.D., who won the Computerworld Horizon Award for his smartphone technology.