Cross-Tri World Championships 2016-Charl-Stephan Nienaber


It was a great privilege to compete against the World’s best in the 2016 Cross Tri World Champs. A dream come true! 

After many hours of travelling, 3 flights, and a 2 hour taxi drive, we arrived at Lake Crackenback situated in the beautiful Snowy Mountains of Australia. In the week leading to Race Day, we explored the route while the race atmosphere grew and the excitement was un-containable. 

Race day arrived on the 19th of November and it was time to start the great adventure after a hard working journey leading up to this moment. As my name was called out to stand on the Blue Carpet my heart started beating vigorously and everything finally became a reality. As the horn blew, the athletes stormed into the water and off we went for the 1st leg of the race. After 1.5 km of racing in the water (which is my weakest discipline) I felt satisfied for improving my PB by 2.5 minutes. 

The first few hundred meters of the mountain-bike course were tough, it took all of my concentration to complete it safely and smoothly. My legs only started to come back to life again after 8km, where-after I completed the bike course comfortably.

The brutal running course was sure to take the last bit out of me – from running through rivers, over bridges and crouched through tunnels-but reaching the finishing line, the incredible feeling of completing the race and  knowing I gave my best  was indescribable.  Also, I had achieved my goal!

Thanks Dinamic-Coaching for your guidance and motivation, and for playing a big role in supporting me living this dream.