Zell am See- Alex and Kerin Fenwick


Our road to Iron man Zell am See Austria started when Kerin broke her wrist and had to transfer her entry from South Africa Ironman to the Ironman in Austria. There were no triathlons to do during winter in order for us prepare ourselves for the Ironman so we decided to do the Momentum duathlon. After completing this duathlon 9 weeks before the Ironman we realised we might need to kick our training up a bit. We met Riana at the duathlon and she got us started on a program. The program was easy to follow and it was well suited for us as we work 9-5 jobs. The personalised program helped a lot in terms of the fact that we could constantly communicate with Riana and the program was purely based on our progress so when the program increased it was perfect time for more intense work.

Iron man Zell am See is a very well organised race set in a beautiful country with amazing mountains and scenery. The weather was beautiful until the morning of the race, when it poured with rain the whole day. Despite having no experience in running and cycling in such wet conditions we still felt confident we could achieve our goal of completing the race as our training had prepared us for this day. We were told by the race spokesman, Paul, that you should not worry about things you can not change, but to rather enjoy the cooler conditions especially on the run, which we did. We ended up enjoying ever moment of the race, from the beautiful scenery to the most incredible support from spectators, and would recommend the Ironman 70.3 Zell Am see to go on your bucket list.