Bike setup

At Dinamic Coaching we use the best in class Retul bike fitting system.

The system, consisting of 3D data capture hardware and software, provides an extremely accurate way to measure a rider and his or her bike

Retül’s fitting ranges are based on accepted biomechanical measurements that take into account safe working conditions (ie. the upper and lower limits of flexion and extension, among others) and maximize biomechanical efficiency and performance. The goal is to find a neutral position that prevents injury, eliminates pain and increases power output.

Retül has been chosen by many of the world’s top athletes including Radio Shack-Nissan-Trek, Sky, Garmin, Europcar and Champion Systems pro cycling teams as well as Craig Alexander, Mirinda Carfrae, Julie Dibens, Chrissie Wellington, Chris Lieto, Laura Bennett, Timothy O’Donnell, Samantha McGlone, Tim DeBoom, Normann Stadler, Conrad Stoltz, Linsey Corbin, Joe Gambles, Hunter Kemper, Andy Potts, Mary Beth Ellis, Matt Reed, Lesley Paterson, and Dirk Bockel, all household names in the triathlon circuit.

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