Stryd power meter

Why training with Stryd power meter is beneficial

Power quantifies your running performance into a single, real-time number. Using both power and Stryd’s 3D motion capture capabilities, we can get a deeper understanding of running biomechanics and running efficiency.

Stryd, once you know how to use it, improves your training and racing.

Power based training brings many benefits to both coaches and athletes, including


Precise training intensity control

Power removes the guesswork for you to estimate how hard you want to make your key workout.


Organize your training phase

Training phase periodization involves manipulating training volume and intensity to produce high levels of fitness at times in the season when you have important races.


Pace Steady- State Workouts/Races

This is hard even for the most seasoned athletes. Most athletes go out much too fast at the start and pay the price in the second half of the race by having to significantly slow down. With a power meter, however, runners can pace themselves in a much more precise manner than with GPS readings or a HR monitor.


Measure fitness changes/performance progress

There is one question every athlete ask everyday in their training season: “Am I becoming fitter and faster”? With power, you can answer this question and fully understand if your training effective or not. With power, you monitor changes in threshold power, power-to-weight ratio,power at specific durations, and efficiency.


Quantifying fatigue and understanding how to manage it

By leveraging the biomechanics information, Stryd provides unprecedented insight into how your fatigue accumulates in the run. Knowing this allows Stryd to quantify your muscular endurance, and know when it is time to push your training and when it is time to rest.



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