Newsletter- 3 January

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Happy New Year Dinamic Athletes!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with family and friends (and managed to squeeze in some training between the mince-pies and bubbly!)

We have a number of new athletes joining us from the UK as well as across SA. So a huge welcome to Benjamin, Karen, Sandra, Jayne, Paul, Jacki, Jacqui and Simone!

For most of us this year is starting with a bang (!) in the shape of 70.3 SA. It is a mere 23 days away which means the taper is in sight!! There is a list on the website of the things we think are really important to pack (if you have any other suggestions then please mail them to me and I will add them in).

Please mail your coach your race number so that we can follow you on IronTracker on race day. Also, and very importantly, please mail your coach your travel plans so that your training can be planned accordingly

Kit has been ordered, please make sure you pay before the end of the month

PTA Training Schedule (Please mail/sms Riana to confirm attendance or to get more details)

Monday: Swim- Willowridge 17:45
Wednesday: Swim- Willowridge 17:45
Wednesday: Run (Track)- De Wilgers (Time TBC)
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Long Bike

Below is the link to the WP Tri Champs taking place on 19 January at Val de Vie. It is a new venue and looks like a lot of fun!

For our Scottish athletes there is a great opportunity to listen to Frank Dick at the 2014 Coaching Conference. I had the privilege of listening to him speak when he was in SA and I can strongly recommend you attend if at all possible. The  2014 conference takes place at the Stirling Management Centre on 8th and 9th February and is aimed at coaches and volunteers.  The day will focus on coach development as well as including training for technical officials and club officers.  So make sure you put the date in your diary (you can sign up on the Scotland Triathlon website)

Hope you all have a smooth start to the week if you are starting work, and hope this weekend is filled with good training weather!

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