London Day 1- Neil MacPherson

Ok so first observation is WOW Virgin airlines are efficient.  The check-in was super smooth.

In fact, so relaxed was the whole process that the passenger sitting next to me was able to go asleep almost immediately on take-off and spent the entire flight drooling onto my shoulder, most disturbing.

The transition from Heathrow to hotel was smooth, with us arriving at the doors at 9:30. However, with check-in being 15:00, for groups of 20 odd athletes with bike boxes, roaming around London for six hours was unappealing.  Fortunately a conference room was made available to drop bags in and Lindsey Parry and myself then went of on a tour of the local gyms to establish options for training.  There can’t be many places in the world where Porshes are so common as to be déclassé, and a street where the cars alternate between Bentleys, Ferraris, and Astons with a Wiseman thrown in for luck, highlights the shear wealth of the area.

Traveling done, things really start today with meetings with officials and finalising accreditation.  As is always the case things change at very short notice and we have to move fast to keep in touch, but everyone is well and the buzz is beginning to grow.