Dinamic Newsletter-11 October

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Hello Dinamic athletes

Hope you have all had a great week! To all those that took part in the Clanwilliam Triathlon, I hope you have sufficiently recovered. I was reminded again that a sprint race is way harder than it looks…it is FAST! We had some great results but are waiting for them to be officially posted. We will include them in the next newsletter.

Welcome to new Dinamic athlete, Jan van Wyk!

To all taking part in the Gun Run on Sunday…Good Luck! It looks like it is going to be a great day for running. Afterwards we will all be getting together from 9am at the Loading Bay (30 Hudson street). It is close enough to the stadium to be convenient, but far enough to be out of the traffic! It would be great if you could all make it as it will be a nice opportunity to get to know your fellow athletes and put some names to faces. If you want more info then please mail me.

There are also a few other Dinamic athlete’s racing this week. We wish you all the best…race hard and fast!
Lee Hutchinson               Robben Island Triathlon**
Andy Robertson              Voriberg MTB race
Ewert Kleynhans             Adriman Duathlon

**Due to injury, Maureen is not able to race the Robben Island Triathlon. If you are interested in doing it last-minute then please mail me.

For those in Gauteng, please join in for some of the sessions this week. Let Riana know if you are going.

12 Oct Sat 06h00 Run 10/21 (Road race )  PHSOB Club, Hofmeyr Park, Pretoria
13 Oct Sun 06h00: Bike  Long ride Group 1 meet – BP Garage in de Villa Bois street,
Group 2 meet group 1 – Waterkloof centre at 06:30
14 Oct Mon 17h50 Swim: Willowridge High School
16 Oct Wed 16h00 Track Run Die Wilgers High School
16 Oct Wed 17h50 Swim  Willowridge High School

There is a gem of a website I found called All The Events. Check it out for events happening each month. This is probably the most detailed calendar I have found.

In celebration of the World Championships happening this weekend we are running a Kona Competition. Correctly guess the winning male and/or winning female and the prize is yours! Mail your entries to me by 1pm on Saturday. Neil thinks he has this one sorted…I am not so sure…

Happy training!