All our programs are uniquely calibrated to work with the needs, abilities, and goals of the individual athlete.

At Dinamic we do not use a standardised formula or system, instead we design a program that works around you. We understand the reality that many people face long work hours, long commutes and family commitments and that these have to be accounted for in your training.

Programs start with an initial detailed one to one meeting to identify goals, history and current situation.  From this we design a structured and progressive program to meet the goals identified.  Prescribed training sessions are delivered on a bi weekly basis. With weekly feedback monitored. All athletes have unlimited email access to the coaches, as well as telephone and skype access on arrangement.

Dinamic Coaching can design programs for Triathlon including sprint, Olympic, Half and Ironman distance races as well as duathlon, running, swimming and cycling.  We also offer one to one coach sessions and group sessions.

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