New Coach to join Dinamic Coaching


Dinamic Multisport is delighted to announce that Tracy Markham will be joining the Dinamic Coaching team in a hands on coaching role.

Dinamic has over the last few months been looking at ways to increase its capacity and widen its group of athletes but there highly individualised and specific methodology has meant that without additional input they have not been able to do so without risking reducing the individual focus on their athletes.

Tracy, after an incredibly successful 18 months, has decided to pursue her passion full-time and become involved in coaching, while still looking to achieve her ambitious goals for 2013/2014.  Working with Dinamic allows her the synergy and flexibility to be able to do this.

Diana MacPherson the founder of Dinamic says,” I have really enjoyed working with Tracy as her  Coach and I have been impressed with her commitment, dedication, insight and talent.  We feel sure that these same skills can be utilised in a coaching role under the guidance of the other qualified Dinamic Coaches. We now have athletes training with Dinamic as far away as South America, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and the successful launch of Dinamic Gauteng under Riana Robertson earlier this year shows that there is an appetite for the level and quality of service that Dinamic Coaching Offers.  Tracy’s involvement in  will increase the range of services we will  be offering including group sessions, personalised Race specific plans, as well improving our day to day communication with Dinamic Athletes. “

Tracy is very excited about being a part of the Dinamic team and says that she is looking forward to learning under the guidance of Diana, “The most exciting part, for me, is that the coaching methodology employed by Dinamic, which focuses on each athlete as an individual, really fits my love for people and my desire to see each person grow and develop and achieve their individual goals. I look forward to working with athletes in this Dinamic way”.