April Member of the Month – Philipp Sassie

DC:  How long have you been training with Dinamic Coaching? 

PS:  3 years exactly 

DC:  What has been your biggest goal achieved as a triathlete?

PS: I had so many goals and I have achieved many of them. I raced the Olympic distance world champs in Chicago 2015 and the 70.3 world champs in Mooloolaba in 2016. My goal is to progress and see how good I can get. So far I am achieving that goal continuously. The result I am most proud of is my recent 3rd place at the Durban ultra.

DC: Is there is still an event on your “bucket list” you would like to compete in? 

PS: I suppose Kona is every triathlete’s dream. However, I am not in a rush to get there. I want to do an Ironman soon. But I am not fixed on a specific event.

DC: For athletes out there thinking of getting a bespoke training programme – share the benefits of this with them? 

PS:  I always say to people that if you are already training and spending so many hours a week preparing for an event you might as well do it properly and maximise the time spend training. A bespoke training programme plus a coach reliefs the athlete of the guess work. The athlete can just focus on doing the training and trust the coach and the programme. It also helps a lot to give the athlete confidence in their ability and training and the likelihood of having a bad race experience is drastically reduced by having a good coach and training programme. I am very lucky to be with Dinamic coaching and have Neil as my coach. Neil definitely helps me to stay sane although I am not sure if there is much hope with me… 😉 

DC: Share your top training tip with us? 

PS: There are two tips which share the top step on the training tip ladder. Tip one is consistency. You will never be able to achieve your best if you do not train consistently. Consistency is the key to success. Only once you have trained consistently for a few years you will start to feel really comfortable within the sport and you will surprise yourself with how strong and fast you can become. Tip two is go easy when it says easy and go hard when it says hard. I am still struggling with this and have to remind about it almost daily. Going easy means VERY easy, not what you think is easy! Easy is almost more important than hard, almost! Only with enough easy training can you go really hard.