Sports Rehabilitation at Dinamic-Coaching

greg hunt

In line with our continued commitment to providing our clients a first class service, Dinamic Coaching has brought on board Gregory Hunt. He is a fully qualified Sports Rehabilitation Specialist graduating with a BSc (hons)Sports Rehabilitation in 2005 from St Marys College, Twickenham, in the UK. He also has a a S.A.C. Dip (Sports Nutrition), is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and is First Aid qualified.

His skill set covers the following:

1. All musculoskeletal injuries from acute to chronic.

2. Low grade mobilisations and tractions (basically manoeuvres which don’t actually click the joints like a chiro but still mobilise the area).

3. Postural analysis.

4. Gait analysis.

5. Corrective exercise.

6. Pre-hab.

7. Post Op rehab.

8. Sports massage.

9. Myofascial release, Sports Massage, PNF techniques and MET (Muscle Energy Technique).

10. Diagnosis of injuries.

11. Strapping techniques.

12. Provide training programs (including olympic lifting) for any athlete whether endurance, power or strength.

13. Hydrotherapy techniques.

14. Movement screening.

Greg will also be available at certain races at the Dinamic Gazebo to offer to Dinamic Athletes at a discounted rate pre and post race massage as well as strapping for those that may require it.

To make an appointment with Greg please mail