Stryd power meter

Why training with Stryd power meter is beneficial

Power quantifies your running performance into a single, real-time number. Using both power and Stryd’s 3D motion capture capabilities, we can get a deeper understanding of running biomechanics and running efficiency.

Stryd, once you know how to use it, improves your training and racing.

Power based training brings many benefits…

Dinamic Coaching Kit


Tri top front


All our programs are uniquely calibrated to work with the needs, abilities, and goals of the individual athlete.

At Dinamic we do not use a standardised formula or system, instead we design a program that works around you. We understand the reality that many people face long work hours, long commutes and family commitments and that…

Swim Analysis

Dinamic Coaching’s endless pool with five video cameras gives you the visual feedback you need from up to nine different positions.  Combined with state of the art video analysis software, you can make more progress in one session  than you might have made working on your own for an entire year!

The pace at which you…

Run Analysis

After a detailed discussion of your existing training and your future goals we undertake a series of tests to establish basic bio-mechanical features.

After this we video you running both on and off the treadmill at different speeds.  This is then analysed by Neil MacPherson with Dartfish Software to establish what changes, if any, could be…

Lactate Testing

Why waste time and energy with inefficient training.  Lactate testing is an accurate way to analyse your personal physiology and work out what is the best way to train for your goals and your races from 5km up to marathon.

During testing we will establish your aerobic and anaerobic profiles which can be used alongside the…

Bike setup

At Dinamic Coaching we use the best in class Retul bike fitting system.

The system, consisting of 3D data capture hardware and software, provides an extremely accurate way to measure a rider and his or her bike

Retül’s fitting ranges are based on accepted biomechanical measurements that take into account…

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