Be the best that you can be with INSCYD Testing

Dinamic Coaching offers INSCYD physiology tests.

INSCYD’s remote, protocol-based physiology test results have been validated for accuracy against laboratory-grade physiology testing. Professional triathletes, runners, and WorldTour cycling teams use INSCYD to test and monitor their training progress. We offer INSCYD single tests and regular quarterly testing to our Dinamic athletes as well as to non-Dinamic athletes.

How We Offer INSCYD Testing

After you schedule your test, we will provide instructions on how to perform an INSCYD test. Once you have completed the test, you will send us your data files. Then we take care of the rest.

Your INSCYD test will yield the following physiology data:

Metabolic Capacity

  • VO2max: maximum aerobic power
  • VLamax: maximum glycolytic power
  • AT: anaerobic threshold
  • FatMax: maximum fat metabolism
  • CarbMax: carbohydrate metabolism

Load Characteristics

  • Metabolic demands & VO2 plotted against power output
  • Lactate accumulation
  • Fat and carbohydrate oxidation for nutrition planning

Metabolic Fingerprint

  • Strengths and weaknesses at a glance
  • Ranked against comparison groups


Dinamic Coaching’s INSCYD Base Tests include:

  • Clear pre-test instructions
  • Your test results documentation
  • A scheduled Zoom call to advise on your results and training implementation

Your personal video review will include much more than a basic report on your results. We will interpret your results so you’ll come away with an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and some suggestions on training priorities to become a stronger, faster athlete.

What athletes say